Homestead, Fall Edition

November is my second-favorite month, next to the month of peak spring that spans the end of March and beginning of April.  What I love about November is how everything begins to get quiet and the natural world seems to take a deep breath with a long exhale before settling in for winter.

This year, the quiet settling of November has a different meaning because of the hard physical work Mike and I have been doing on the property over the last six months.  This past weekend, we finished up all of our major outdoor projects, which feels like a relief.  We’re closing in finishing the garage remodel.  Needless to say, we’re ready for a relaxing winter.

End-of-October tomato beds.
The last of the tomatoes with dahlias from Post Street Farm in Santa Cruz.
The last of our greenhouse basil.
Future flowers.
Tulip & Daffodil bulbs, ready to be tucked in.

I successfully started romanesco, arugula, and Chinese cabbage in the greenhouse.  Wood rats ate the chard & the perpetual spinach seedlings, so I direct seeded some and covered the bed with fencing to protect the seeds from getting scooped up by birds.  We’ll see if they germinate.


In a year when our stone fruit, apple, and pear trees didn’t produce their usual bounty, the Fuyu persimmon tree gave us more fruit than ever before.

This coyote bush has gone to seed, producing a breakfast buffet of seeds for our resident birds.
Searching for a place to make a cocoon and metamorphosize.
What fall looks like on the floor of a redwood grove…don’t worry, we raked it.
We put up lights to make the dark nights brighter.

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