2019: Back at it!

By the time the holidays rolled around in December, we were very much over the seemingly never-ending DIY that had consumed us over the prior 6 months.  Luckily, we got a good break after Christmas, and got away to Encinitas, just north of San Diego.  The weather was sunny and warmer than here – in the low 60’s, which all of the locals were complaining about as “so cold.”  Mike surfed and I practiced at the Ashtanga Yoga Center.  We ate out and didn’t have to do any dishes.  Best of all, we weren’t compelled to do work of any kind.

San Elijo State Beach

Now, we’re back.  And the end is in sight.

Before the holidays, we nearly finished laying down the garage floor.

We decided to stop for the year after the second time I accidentally squashed Mike’s finger with the plywood in as many days.  We were so close to being done!  But, we were tired and didn’t want to risk any actual injuries for the sake of finishing.

As of today, we’ve got the entire floor laid down and sealed up.


Our original plan was to put bamboo flooring on top of the plywood.  But now, we just can’t be bothered to do the work to take that step.  Instead, we are getting help to paint the floor with special floor paint, and we’ll call it a day.  Hopefully, that work will get done this week and Mike can start the process of moving his office and hobbies into the garage…and I can finally start making the move from San Jose up to the mountain.


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