In Bloom

It’s been a cold and wet spring here on the mountain, but our flowers have brightened the days.  I’ve been on a mission to increase the blooming plant life around here.  That’s not an easy task because deer eat things they’re not supposed to and little birds eat things they are supposed to (ex: California quail eat California poppy seed pods – go figure!).  Plus, we don’t have good irrigation infrastructure for the dry months.

Nonetheless, I keep at it and am learning to pay attention to what works well: bulbs that flower in the early spring before the deer get hungry; heavily fragrant salvias; proteas & other similar Australian plants.  And of course we’re surrounded on all sides by the most magical fruit trees.  This year, we’re adding three new small, fenced garden beds that we will irrigate and allow us to expand our selection of summer flowers.  This prospect makes us and the bees happy.

These are some photos of what’s been blooming around here over the last few months.  I’ve been especially delighted by all of the intricate blooms on our succulents in the greenhouse.










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