A Virtual Mother’s Day Bouquet

Originally, I was going to entitle this post “Pollinator Party.”  We’ve had some success with figuring out how to grow more flowers to increase our pollinator population.  This year, we have seen more different types of pollinators on our flowers than ever before.  I feel like we’re creating a haven for small creatures here, and watching these tiny life forms flourish has given us both a lot of joy.

But, then I realized that tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  All of these flowers are my virtual mother’s day bouquet for all the moms.  My mom, my grandmothers (one of whom is still with us at 90 years old).  All of my friends who are moms of young kids, who are holding their families together in this extremely trying time.  People who long to be moms, but whose life circumstances haven’t taken them down that path.  I salute you.

California natives: blue flax, tidy tips, lupine, red & yellow monkeyflower, a variety of California poppies, and phacelia viscida.

Rock Rose


Giant bumble napping on a daffodil.




Scarlet pimpernel – it’s considered a weed, but I love it’s tiny pink flowers.


There are a lot of iris plants randomly scattered on this property, all of which pre-existed Mike.  They don’t bloom regularly.  This year, we have more of them blooming than Mike’s ever seen before.  They are stunning.

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